55 spacious suite rooms are complemented
with its strategic location, a safe place to stay,
with maximum comfort and peace of mind for executives,
traders and businessmen that make business life in the city.




Localized in the terrace of GH Guaparo Suites,  5 Piso offer the most delicious pizzas in a comfortable atmosphere and with incredible sight over the city


Localized in Gh Guaparo Suites, offer different options of meal in our breakfast, in a atmosphere family, warm and cozy


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VIP Hotel, intimate style, inviting
and unique is our choice for the executive
and businessman

Places of interest

Close to Av. Bolívar and more points of interest.

  • Negra Hipolita Park
    Also known as “Parque Fernando Peñalver”, this is a natural place and a city icon. it has fantastic green areas, playground for kids, open air gyn and parking spaces. Hours: 05:00am to 06:00pm. Location: Av. Paseo Cabriales, North of Valencia.

  • Naguanagua Botanical Garden.
    with around 15 acres, more than 200 trees and a trail with information about the flora and fauna, It´s an ideal space to enjoy nature. Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00am. to 4:00pm. / Saturday. and Sunday. from 8:00am. to 5:00pm. Location: Av. Salvador Feo la Cruz Naguanagua.

  • Dunas Theme Park
    This fabulous park includes multiple attractions with spectacular pools and a variety of slides. it also has a roller coaster, train ride for kids and game fair. Hours: low season: Saturday and Holidays from 09:00am to 05:00pm. high season: Monday to Sunday 09:00am. to 05:00pm. Location: Naguanagua. Phone: 0241-842.8907.

  • Valencia Aquarium
    Recreational aquarium-park with five different animal exhibitions: terrarium, reptiles, snakes, fish tanks, zoo and a river dolphin show. Restaurant an snacks viable. Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Locations: Av. Fernando Figueredo, los Colorados- Valencia North.

  • South Recreation Park
    Wide green grass areas. Located very close to Valencia bullring arena, the largest in south America. it also has children’s park, and artificial lagoons. Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am. to 5:00pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 5:00pm. Location: Final Sur de AV. Las Ferias Valencia South.

  • Interpark
    Amusement and ride park for all ages. This place will assure you great fun for the whole family. Roller coasters, kids game more. Hours: Thursday to Sunday 4:00pm to 10:30pm. Location: Municipio San Diego Next to Big Low Center Terminal.

  • Campo Carabobo
    In this field the emblematic “Carabobo Battle” was fought, an important historic event that sealed the independence of Venezuela. Nowadays this is a park with statues in memoriam of patriots. Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm. daily. Location: José Antonio Páez, highway- Tocuyito Town.

  • Sambil Shopping Mall - Baseball Museum
    Large shopping mall with a variety of stores, movie theatres and a food court. inspired on baseball, it also has a hall of fame museum that portraits the players and memorable moments of Venezuela’s most emblematic sport. Location: Naguanagua Sector Mañongo, Centro Sambil feria level. Phone: 0241-841.1313.

  • Metropolis Mall
    It is the 4th. largest shopping mall in Venezuela. With its close to 80.000 sq. meters, twelve movie theatres, 3D movies, food court complemented by a variety of entertainment places and an open terrace with panoramic city view. Located: San Diego Town. (Next to Big Low Center Terminal)

  • La Granja Shopping Mall
    Pioneer among the shopping mall concept in our city. it’s accessible location has kept it as a favourite no matter the time. with two large anchor stores, a great food court, drugstore, a variety of shops and six (6) theatres. Located: Naguanagua, Av. Universidad.

  • Cathedral of Valencia
    This catholic church was builded in the XVI century during Spanish Colony period, is dedicated to the Virgin of Socorro. It is considered a national monument. Located: Old downtown Valencia, Av. Urdaneta just in front of bolívar Square.

  • Nuestra Señora de Begoña. Town Church
    This is the main church serving Naguanagua and it is in honor of Begoña’s Virgin. During august, a traditional ceremony takes place called “la feria de la Begoña” (Begoña Fair) presenting cultural actives and concerts. Located: Naguanagua Town.

  • Trincheras - Hot Springs Center
    This place is considered among the best hot springs of the world due to it’s concentration of minerals with unique therapeutic properties. A confortable accommodation and various pools with steaming natural underground water. Phone: 0241-452-4400.

  • Solano Fort
    A military fortress builded in 1766, to protect the port of attacks. it is well preserved monument and with easy car access. Hours: 8:00am. to 6:00pm. daily. Located: The city of Puerto Cabello Nest to San Esteban National Park.

  • State Beaches
    Carabobo State offers in it’s short coast-line some good beaches to visitors. just about 30 minutes away from Valencia, people can enjoy warm soft sands, clear waters and lush tropical settings. “Hacienda La Rosa”: it’s a Private militar facility that you can access for a small price, it has a restaurant service and chair renting, opens from 8:00am. to 6:00pm. Also very close by is located.“Isla Larga”: a narrow island covered whit mangroves, super cristal waters and full of colourful fishes and corals, it’s ideal to diving and snorkelling. To get there you only need to take a short boat trip from the Quizandal pier for a person fee.

  • Valles Altos de Carabobo
    Charming small towns in the middle of green valleys with fresh climate. you will find numerous restaurants, typical handcraft art, and beautiful landscape in the towns of Bejuma and Montalbano.