In the heart of the central-western region, in the thriving hub Acarigua-Araure, GH Buenaventura offers the best lodging option in the area, comfortable and stylized rooms




Located in the GH Buenaventura Hotel Restaurant Tapa's specializes in Spanish food, Mediterranean and tapas


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The harmony of concepts of elegance and excellent service, combined with modern architecture full of exquisite environments.

Places of interest

Located within one of the most important commercial centers in the area

  • Musiu Carmelo Recreational park (Portuguesa state)
    The Recreational Park "Musiu Carmelo" is a landscape complex full of wildlife and vegetation. It is a space for entertainment of all persons who wish to visit. The park features a large lagoon and expanded spaces for enjoyment and relaxation of visitors.

  • Buenaventura Mall
    It has been conceived and planned in detail in all respects with total security to become the most attractive place for trade, services and entertainment. Our shopping center is characterized by good planning, location and large size, which are excellent spots that allow all family members satisfy in one place, all their needs for services, commerce and entertainment, enjoying comfortable environments and safety.

  • La Espiga
    A monument to national agriculture, called "La Espiga", is located in a roundabout near the entrance to the city. It is the representative symbol of the Portuguesa State, is also one of the highest monumental sculptures of Venezuela and America. La Espiga dignifies Acarigua city as the economic capital of Portuguesa state due to urban growth and the large number of food processing companies.

  • Mitar Nakichenovich Park
    It was created in order to protect the watershed where has its source the Araure Ravine, which supplies the aqueducts of the populations of Araure and Acarigua. Its further aim is to preserve and reforest green areas.

  • Resort Quebrada de Araure
    In the way of Araure-Acarigua. It is in a ravine of crystal clear waters that have birth in the city center. Besides being a resort, it is also a recreational park.

  • The church Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragoza

    located in front of the Plaza Bolívar, it is another must stop in Araure. Its architecture retains the colonial style of the eighteenth century, mixed with baroque which gives it great majesty.It is the only colonial church in Venezuela which has a chorus at the gates of the main entrance of the temple.There was christened José Antonio Páez, and it was here in 1813 where Simón Bolívar prayed before the victory of the Battle of Araure. It was declared a National Monument in 1955.

  • The National Shrine Nuestra Señora de Coromoto
    Minor Basilica and National Shrine dedicated to the invocation of the Virgin of Coromoto, patroness of Venezuela. It is located one hour and a half from Araure.